Architectural Ironmongers see shorter lead times as a priority for ironmongery buying, according to recent research from Instinct Hardware.

19% feel lead times are key

The research showed that 19% of AI’s feel that shorter lead times would be the best way ironmongery manufacturers could help them in their roles, followed by improved customer service at 18% and increases to stocked ranges at 13%.

More information around certification

Mentions were also made of the need for greater information, mainly centring around certification, but also around products themselves. Some felt that there was a need for increased marketing and communications from their chosen supplier, to keep abreast of any changes or new products being released.

A comment from Instinct Hardware

Anthony Bansal, Director at Instinct, commented “The results from this survey aren’t entirely unexpected, but it once again shows the effects that are being felt from global shipping times, the continued effects of Covid in some countries and uncertainty around buying and selling prices. This means many in the industry are buying in smaller quantities at a time.

“We appreciate that, even as a UK manufacturer with some of the shortest lead times on bespoke products, sometimes lead times are longer than expected. We need to get to the point where there is an understanding the process behind some of the products, as well as constantly innovating to bring down lead times.”

“We have recently invested in new machinery which will allow us to once again cut lead times on bespoke ironmongery. We’re continuing our staff training program, meaning vital skills are passed on, learnt and expanded on. We are also investing in wider systems to allow us to track items at any stage, which we are excited to roll out.”

Factory picture

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