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Mirror Finishing.

Professional mirror polishing is an art form. Our mirror polishers can bring your item to a high shine. Needing meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, a mirror polish transforms the surface into a flawless, reflective masterpiece.


The hardest finish to achieve, our skilled craftsmen make it look easy – by making use of a series of abrasive tools. Starting with coarser belts and working down to fine grits, the surface slowly transforms. The smallest of blemishes and scratches are removed during the process, just leaving a surface that’s smooth and glass-like. Our abrasives have been chosen to achieve the most pristine of finishes, chosen to achieve the maximum reflective brilliance.


But the skill doesn’t just stop at the belt. Without the right knowledge and expertise, you can end up with swirl marks, streaks or uneven spots. With our polishers applying just the right amount of pressure and making use of their years of knowledge and skill, you get a consistent, uniform look.

Satin finished item

Satin Polish.

The most popular metal finish, satin metal strikes a great balance between smoothness and texture – allowing for the perfect balance of light diffusion.


Polishing intricate items to a satin finish requires a tremendous amount of skill – to much pressure results in ‘spots’ on the surface, while not applying enough pressure can mean that the material feels rough and uneven. With hundreds of years of combined polishing experience from our fantastic team, you can be sure that your item is in good hands, and will be treated with care and skill.


Satin finishes require a lot less after-care than mirror finishes and can be used more extensively. The very style of satin makes it a great choice for a number of applications, thanks to its soft, muted tones. Visually appealling and strong, satin is a sought-after choice.

Other finishes.

As well as the two most popular finishes, we can offer a range of other polishing styles – as well as working with other materials.


We can offer glass bead blasting (or shot blasting) finish – which involved propelling tiny glass beads at a very high velocity to achieve a satin like texture. The beads impact uniformly, leaving behind a great visual finish.


We also have extensive experience in working with copper and brass, so we would be more than happy to quote for work on these materials.

Our capabilities.

We are able to hand polish up to 2.5m tubular stainless steel or brass, and up to 25mm diameter 2m lengths of solid steel/brass. On our auto machine we are able to polish satin stainless up to 3m in length. We’re also able to polish sheets and plates – get in touch to check dimensions.

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Have a custom project in mind?

You can trust Instinct Hardware to help, no matter what your polishing requirements are – it’s what we do! Our dedicated and experienced team are ready and waiting to work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

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