Sanny works in our factory and his cheery personality really make him ‘Sanny by name, Sanny by nature!’ We caught up with him to chat about family, friends and work.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Well, first things first we all have bills to pay, everyone has to live! But I love coming in to a good team, everyone here is bubbly and it’s a happy, stress-free 7.5hrs being here. The managers are great from top to bottom, they encourage me every day. From the top to the bottom, they are generals!

Thinking of IH, what achievement are you most proud of?
I bring the sunshine and joy to the factory! When I first came here, the factory didn’t look like it does now, and I have been a big part of that. I try to look ahead and see what needs to be done, then get on with it. The way I see it, we’re one company, they show me respect and I respect them back. People know good people, that’s the way I see it. [Shak also added to this: “Sanny won’t say this, but he has been instrumental in the development of the organisational systems here. He has been the physical force behind a lot of the movement, racking build and upscaling of the factory.”]

Who is your idol and why?
My idols are my mum and dad. They are my driving force. They would get up, work, come back and look after me and my siblings, our neighbours and the wider community. That’s just the way my family is. My Dad was working in a trade and would help the local youths by encouraging them to learn trades to help themselves and their families.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
Ahhh, I LOVE catering! I love to cater for hundreds of people. I regularly do functions for 800+ people, parties, weddings and so on. [OK, what’s YOUR favourite dish?] Oooh, has to be Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas. A classic, but I make the best!

Tell us something most people won’t know about you.
I have grown-up kids! A son that’s 30 years old and a daughter that’s 25. I have a 4yr old grandchild too. I keep the body and mind strong, so most people don’t believe me when I say I have a 30 year old!

Thanks Sanny – we’ll let you go and use those muscles around the factory!

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