Architectural ironmongery manufacturers Instinct Hardware have expanded their polishing area from 88sqm to 580sqm, adding a new employee and polishing machine to boot.

The new area has been thoughtfully planned out, allowing each operative more space to manoeuver. It allows for faster turnarounds with specific machines set up for each style of finish.

Haq Meharban, Director of Instinct Hardware, commented “We’re committed to providing the best service to the architectural ironmongers. They rely on us to deliver a superior product in a timely manner. We’re a well-respected firm, but we still strive to always beat expectations.

“Having the machines constantly set to deal with particular finishes means we are able to minimize the machine setting time. This gives us a time saving we can then pass on to the Architectural Ironmongers. Having everything in-house is a real bonus. It also cuts any delays sending items for particular extra touches, such as knurling, texture or cut grooves.

New starter Glenn Adams adds “I am looking forward to the future at Instinct Hardware and to increasing my skillset as a Metal Polisher. I’m already getting stuck in to a number of polishing projects, there’s never a dull day, that’s for sure!”

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