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Marks Barfield Architects / Cambridge Mosque

The Project.

To provide stylish, bespoke ironmongery to match this fully sustainable mosque. The mosque needed to not only embrace natural building methods and ethos, but also needed to integrate seamlessly into the local neighbourhood. The aim was to create a sacred space for prayer as well as a truly modern building. With intricate timber ‘tree’ columns reaching into the octagonal canopy and a large garden and atrium as well as stunning Islamic calligraphy on exterior walls, it was important that the ironmongery completed the look of this space, without detracting from the surroundings.

Dline were tasked with matching ironmongery to this incredibly individual and artistic building, with strict parameters of offering a natural product that blended in with the overall look of the building. Solid brass was decided on for the front of house work. This was not only due to its softer colour blending with the calligraphy and intricate door patterns, but for its small carbon footprint. Traditional steel ironmongery was used for back of house areas. In-keeping with the overall eco ethos, this needed to be quality, long-lasting ironmongery.

Making sure that a slimline, clean, mitred look was achieved, dline specified the style of ironmongery to match the Knud Holscher range. Working alongside Instinct, the designs were finalised and work began on the manufacturing of the handles.


The Instinct team got to work on the handles, firstly working on the solid brass handles. Cranked handles were produced using solid 19mm DIA Solid CZ121 brass. 19mm DIA Solid Mitred levers and mitred pull handles were also required. This style of handle required extra care from the Instinct team, as the brass itself could not be welded in the usual traditional methods of forming a mitre join. This meant that bespoke pillars were created which attached to the end of the main pull length, creating the illusion of a welded mitred join.

When this was initially tested, despite dressing down the handle, a hairline join was visible between the two when this had been lacquered. Whilst this may not have been immediately visible to non-experts, the Instinct team were not happy with this imperfection. After discussion, silver solder was decided on as the solution. The solder acted as a seal between the two sections. This was once again dressed down several times by the polishing team, to create an invisible join – which worked perfectly.

The main door handles combined the mitred shaping with a cranked pillar to provide a majestic entrance to the mosque.

Finally, all the solid brass handles were stove lacquered, which gave them extra protection from moisture – which was essential as many of the worshippers will have purified their hands before entry.

The satin ironmongery was manufactured in marine-grade 316 stainless, meaning this too could be used in any environment – using the same care and attention usually given to this high-quality material. For some of the bathroom ironmongery, an antimicrobial finish was used to provide extra protection against bacteria – meaning that patrons stay healthy inside and out.

The End Result.

Cambridge Mosque has been celebrated as one of the greatest design achievements of its time, winning numerous RIBA Awards including the RIBA Stirling Prize.  The mosque was also entered into the GAI Specification Awards, resulting in a well-deserved Public Health & Education Award win for dline. The mosque has also received an AJ Architecture Award, Brick Development Association Award and Wood Award. The string of awards pay testament to the amount of work, care and attention that was put into the project not only overall, but by everyone associated with it.

At Instinct, we have been lucky enough to visit the mosque in person – and it is truly breathtaking. No element has been overlooked, and we are very proud to have played a part in this spectacular building, which will welcome worshippers for many years to come. Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your next project!

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