Cabinet Handles.

Our complete range of cabinet handles offers a variety of styles, sizes and designs including square cupboard knobs, round cabinet handles, solid cabinet pull handles and many more cabinet handles.

Our cabinet handles are designed to provide you with easy access to a range of cabinet styles. If you’re looking for handles for a new commercial building or are looking to update your existing handles to something more modern, we can help you to find or. design the ideal component for your application.

Get in touch with our team today if you’d like to discover more about the product range, or if you’d like to make an enquiry about an existing or bespoke part.

Why Do We Choose T316 Stainless Steel for Our Cabinet Handles?

We choose T316 stainless steel for our cabinet handles (available in a range of finishes) for various reasons, mainly to do with strength and overall quality. We use T316 because it’s really durable and means we can produce long lasting and extremely strong products.

T316 stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant, as it is almost indestructible. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor cabinet handle ironmongery, you can rely on grade 316 to remain rust-free.

This corrosion-resistant and easy to clean product also has benefits for any environments with salt or stronger acidic compounds, meaning it can be used in a range of places, even in food prep or outdoor areas.
Our stainless steel handles offer high levels of strength across the board, which is why we’ve always chosen to work with T316 grade stainless steel.

You can find out more about the benefits of T316 stainless steel here in our news section.

Bespoke Lever Handle

Bespoke Architectural Ironmongery Products.

From lever handles to bathroom ironmongery, our proficiency and knowledge makes us truly unique and a first choice for ironmongery components. Fuelled by a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction, our workforce manufactures top quality items. We believe the quality of our products is what makes them the ideal choice for various industry requirements. We provide a range of products to industries such as hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, airports, high-end residential and swimming pools, where constant use is inevitable and the need for reliable and non-corroding parts is a necessity. Using materials such as grade T316 stainless steel allows us to provide superior quality components that are long-lasting and durable. With installations all over the world, our reliable bespoke ironmongery adds a contemporary feel to your chosen approach. Our products are available in soft satin or mirror polished finishes so you can complement your desired result with a final touch.


Whether you’re in need of an existing product or something bespoke and tailored specifically to your application, our 30+ years of experience leaves you in capable hands. We understand that you might not know exactly what you require from bespoke ironmongery or the benefits of it, which is why our team is on hand to help you bring your design ideas to life. Take a look through the range and if you are interested in any of the ironmongery products you see above, contact us to enquire. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for or need more information on a certain product, call us on 0121 459 2358.

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