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Product Guarantee

Instinct Hardware guarantees that all material will be free from manufacturing defects, in the event of such material being found defective then this will be right at Instinct Hardware’s expense. The guarantee will remain in force for a period of twenty-five years and does not cover normal wear and tear and will not exceed the scope of relevant British Standards. All items manufactured in either solid or tube stainless steel bear the same quality and are all manufactured in grade T316 Stainless Steel and are ideally suited to heavy duty locations where the integrity of the material is a critical factor.

The high quality finishes produced in the Mirage range requires little or no maintenance provided they have been fitted correctly. Like most surfaces they will become marked when handled, it can be easily cleaned with a little soapy water and a soft damp cloth. Under no circumstances use abrasive cleaners or solvents on Stainless Steel as they can damage the surface of the hardware.

Product Maintance

Instinct Hardware recommends a regular cleaning schedule to ensure stainless steel products remain in perfect condition

Manufacturing to delivery

Our manufacturing and service delivery processes is diverse, but at their heart contain 4 basic elements, input, output, resources and activity. We ensure that at every step you informed and kept up to date with your custom order and it is our duty to delivery high quality to you at a reasonable turnaround.

Fixing Instructions

Lever handles and knobs are secured to a special spindle by means of a threaded grub screw passing through the neck of the lever and piercing the spindle which has an off-centre core bore. The fixing is extremely secure whilst allowing easy and accurate adjustment at time of installation.

Knob furniture is supplied unsprung. A selection of knob furniture and pull handles is also available in polished brass.Supplied with 85 x 8 mm square spindle for door thickness 30 x 45 mm, complete with screw and bolt through fixings to suit both horizontal and vertical lock piercings with 38 mm centres. Fixings also available for 45 x 60 mm door thickness on request.

Full fixing instructions included with each set of furniture.

Enquiries welcome for special requirements outside the standard range .

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Sprung Loaded Fixing Instructions

Non-Sprung Loaded Fixing Instructions

Pull Handle Back to Back GLASS – Fixing Instructions

Pull Handle Back to Back TIMBER – Fixing Instructions

BS EN 1906 & BS 8300

A suited range of door furniture in mirror polished and soft satin finishes, manufactured from top quality grade 316 stainless steel comprising four distinct designs of lever handle and two patterns of knob. Ideally suited for use in prestige private and public buildings, hospitals, swimming pools, laboratories, schools, airports or any buildings where heavy usage and material integrity is a critical factor.

Safety tubular lever handles available as 19 mm and 22 mm diameter, solid lever handles 16 mm and 19 mm diameter . All lever handles available on 4 mm roses, unsprung, or 9 mm thick roses or backplates to include spring boxes. Tested and certified to BS EN 1906 – Building hardware – Lever handles and knob furniture – Requirements and test methods. Return to door lever handles conform to the current requirements of BS 8300 – Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people – Code of practice.

All our products are available in various metal finishes

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