Our powder coating facility.

Our brand-new polyester powder coating facility uses the most up-to-date coating technology alongside skilled staff – meaning you benefit from experience and engineering advances combined. We have invested in a range of furnaces and tracks, allowing us to perfectly coat any number of items. We are able to offer a number of subcontracting opportunities using our polyester powder coating (PPC) facilities. Read on to find out more.

Architectural ironmongery

We have extensive knowledge of the ironmongery sector and have had our own in-house ironmongery powder coated for many years. This puts us in a perfect position of understanding the prepping requirements and the best way to coat ironmongery. Whether you’re matching the latest trend or setting your own, you can be sure your hardware is in the best hands! Contact us for more information.

Car interior

Powder coating automotive parts

Exceptionally durable and versatile, polyester powder coatings are perfect for automotive parts thanks to their ability to stand up to demanding conditions. PPC can be flawlessly applied to the intricate shapes and contours that are required for automotive parts. The range of colour options is extensive and will perfectly complement other internal items. Polyester powder coating’s longevity also means that any coated component will maintain its integrity over time.Contact us for more information.

Polyester powder coated furniture and homeware

PPC is a great choice for furniture thanks to its scratch resistance and incredible resilience over time. Using PPC allows for creative expression and customization – meaning it’s easy to create the aesthetic you’re aiming for. The application process means that the colour will not fade, even on the most intricate of designs.Contact us for more information.

Jewellery and watches using PPC

Our smaller oven is ideal for the minute components making up jewellery and watches. PPC perfectly covers even the smallest of elements and forms a protective layer shielding any precious metals from tarnishing and scratches, helping to hold the value of the piece. Allowing for complete personalization thanks to the wide range of colours available, PPC allows creativity to thrive, whilst preserving these cherished pieces.Contact us for more information.

Powder coated lighting

An optimal choice for lighting fixtures, PPC offers a blend of resilience and design versatility…as well as aesthetic enhancement. The protective layer formed even protects the components from any potential corrosive environments or moisture. Your lighting can become fully customizable thanks to the spectrum of colours that are available. Contact us for more information.

Signage and display

Weather resistant, PPC is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor signage – providing vibrant colours that create a great visual impact. Expertly coating even the most intricate of designs, polyester powder coating will help to convey messages whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the item. Contact us for more information.

Artwork and wall hangings

We can also bring artwork to life with a range of beautiful colours, creating inspirational pieces that will provide interesting visuals in the home or office. Our capacity means that we are able to colour coat large or small artwork, ensuring your ideas and designs are brought to life.Contact us for more information.

To find out about the powder coating process, visit our dedicated page. To find out more about our factory and how we work, why not take a look at our information. If you are interested in manufacturing using our dedicated team, please visit our bespoke manufacturing section.

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