Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for businesses in all industries. Manufacturing is no exception. As a business, Instinct is committed to becoming more sustainable both now and in the future.

The 2030 net zero building commitment is looming and the industry is hungry for change. Instinct is striding ahead with a variety of different, more sustainable working methods, including looking at effecting change to upgrade the factory to Industry 5.0 digital working methodology.

Sustainability and cost

Becoming more sustainable can be perceived as adding unnecessary costs to a business. However, the opposite can often be true. For example, changing bulbs for LED lighting leads to significant savings, as can prolonging the life of machines through good maintenance and care. Solar panels and using green energy allow for savings whilst energy prices have risen unexpectedly high.

Sustainability through longevity

Our products are designed to be sustainable.  Having a 25 year guarantee shows that the products last much longer than most alternatives. With care and attention they will last a lifetime or more.  Our products are recyclable, as stainless steel is a material that can be reused an infinite number of times without any loss of strength. We also recycle all scrap metal, coolants and oils as a daily occurrence.

Making positive changes

We are changing some of our working methods to include digital methods of production. This means we will be able to provide a better service through further product visualisation, as well as allowing us to see where products are in real time around the factory. We’re already changing the way we package some of our items, using less plastic.


We’re looking to the future positively and there’s plenty more to come. We’ve got lots of plans for the future, so watch this space! For more resources to start your own sustainability journey, visit the Government Net Zero page.


Watch our video below to find out what we’ve already done to become more sustainable to date.


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