Maintenance of Instinct Hardware Ironmongery.


Instinct Hardware’s ironmongery is grade 316 (Marine Grade). This means that it can be used for a number of applications where other steels may quickly corrode. As we use only the highest quality steel, you can expect our products to last a lifetime.  However, keeping the products well maintained is still a must to ensure longevity of the product

All of our finishes are easy to clean and can be simply dusted down with a cloth. To keep the ironmongery sparkling, you can use warm, soapy water applied with a sponge or a cloth, then gently dried off.

Stainless steel lever handles in mirror finish

Maintaining a Grade 316 Stainless Steel finish.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on the steel as this is likely to cause damage to the finish. Regular, lightweight cleaning is very effective on this ironmongery rather than heavier sporadic cleaning.

CONIARCH antimicrobial ironmongery lever handles

Maintaining a Copper-Nickel Alloy (CONIARCH™) finish.

Again, the chemical compounds in our CONIARCH™ range are hard wearing in a range of applications, and does not corrode easily. Do not use abrasives as this can affect the finish.

Bronze on Brass - Living Ironmongery

Maintaining a Living finish (Bronze on brass).

This style of finish is designed to age and wear naturally over time – giving an aged look to the bronze. Do not use abrasives as this can alter the finish.

Green powder coated bathroom fittings

Maintaining a Powder Coated or PVD finish.

Powder coated finishes can degrade over time dependent on environment and usage. PVD finishes are harder wearing and are more scratch resistant. The number of times this should be cleaned will largely depend on frequency of use and whether deposits have been left on the ironmongery which could affect the film if left in place. Abrasives will damage the surface and could cause immediate, irreversible damage.


If you are ever in doubt about how to maintain your products or to find out more about the different finishes we have on offer, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here to help!


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